Why us

Van der Werf & Van Straalen is a small translation company with an extensive network.

Unlike larger providers, our setup offers complete flexibility. We are fully focused on adding value, not taking it away. We have everything we need for maximum quality and nothing that needlessly increases costs.

An office building, a director, shareholders, clunky departments, time-consuming processes, company cars, Friday afternoons off, countless project managers. All of these are just extra costs, overheads, things you don’t need for an outstanding translation, so why pay for them? Save your money.

So what do you need then? Global cooperation between specialist translators who help businesses like yours to cross borders. And nothing more. Together we will make your content go global  – making it as powerful as possible for a fair price.

At Van der Werf & Van Straalen, you only pay for true craftsmanship in translation, without any unnecessary fuss.

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